Friday, May 9, 2008

55 pt4


“I am not afraid”

On the beach we exist. In nirvana is where we live.

Starring into the sky in silence.

His heart beat like a loud alarm piercing through the sanctuary of dream.

I dream of him. I breathe of him. I exist only of him.

I am not afraid. Exorbitant strength he epitomizes. How could fear dare find me? I kill any fear that comes looking for me. How dare they!

I'm not afraid to be your lady
I'm not afraid to be your whore
I'm not afraid to be your future
I'm not afraid to be your soil
In which you plant your seed
Flowers, they sprout for me
My fragrance in the breeze
You must nurture me please
I'm not afraid to be your baby
I'm not afraid to be your strength
I'm not afraid to be open wide
I'm not afraid to be glutinous
The essence of glue
I will stick to you
Through earthquakes and moods
If ever one thing was true
I'm not afraid to wind it, wind it
I'm not afraid to keep your pace
I'm not afraid to create my queendom
I'm not afraid to take my place
I'm not afraid

jill scott


"We have to escape."

Appiration. Steam sliding down throat. Ice slipping down my spine. Girating, vibrating stimulation. Instant bliss.

Ribbons of fire red, royal lavender, overly ecstatic yellow and heavenly white played on our hearts a mellow melody of a blue day filled with the reddest of red… molten crimson hot lust.

The clock upon the tower cried for us as it burned away our last hours. Into space we went to escape the consequences of the changing date.

We have to escape. Get away from this. Find some place new. Too much.

I’ll go anywhere. Just lead the way. Just go. Damn you fear. Damn you circumstance. Damn you life.

This just isn’t right. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

We ran. We ran away. God speed beneath us.

We could be living how we wanted to
Instead of doing things we're forced to do
With no one to tell us that we should be going through What they went through
There has to be some place that nobody knows, Somewhere we can only go
There has to be some place that we can be all alone....”

- Hoobastank

“Escape” (2003)

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