Saturday, May 31, 2008


We live our lives pumped with fear

Constantly haunted

Constantly troubled


Constant intrusions

Our minds are constantly intruded

John Doe is a black male

Six foot one

One hundred sixty five pounds

About twenty years of age

Suspect is armed and dangerous

The unknown face of fear

Brings constant certain uncertainty




“Imminent danger”

Your own children are murderers

Fear all fear everything

You don’t know

Fear it all

Fear yourselves

Cause it makes me happy

Well it makes my pockets happy

The more horrified you are of some invisible danger

The more you spend in my stores

The more you spend in my stores

The more I make

The poorer you become

And when you have nothing left to spend

I’m gonna take away everything

And leave you with nothing

Except fear

Friday, May 30, 2008

Abandoned Homes

This house is in southwest Detroit. At the time when I took these shots it had been burned to the ground. Every bit of wood was charred and black, everything else was twisted and mangled and melted. I could tell that the fire was recent because the smell was still strong wafting through the air. Through the lens it was beautiful but There is more in the history of this house.

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So here's the thing, I haven't left the house in five days so obviously I have nothing to show you. I have a few thing going on this weekend and I will overload you when I get all that in and processed... Latta