Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My hands are frozen
Trying to string together two words, has never been as frigid as this
Something is amiss
My body feels like it been spoiled in piss
Like I’m a willing partner in an S&M flick

This is bullshit that I have to feel this way
This is bullshit that she always does this to me
I thought the flame was smothered
The embers lay emboldened
Emblazoned and brazen waiting for a spark

What it got was a match
Though a time bomb it was not
Every word still hurt
Every work unspoken leaves our relation tattered and broken
And frayed and dismayed in ways repairs could take days

Weeks, months, years this continues
I think I’m going to need the wine menu
‘Cause this ain’t it
It’s not getting it
It’s not working

I’m hungry for a revolution
A resolution a grievances
‘Cause my resolve is waning
And my endurance is tanking

And I got to deal
With this raw deal I’ve been dealt
I can’t keep waiting for the for the googolplex clock to stop
I can’t keep wait for the second ball to drop

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I hate the idea of this plan so much. It is just another break for the fat cats who screw the little people into the ground and when there is no more left, they want the government to give them more. Sure after this is all said and done things will get better but somebody will find a loop hole or a way to bribe this latest oversight committee and we will be right back here, only worse. In 20yrs we will be right back here and I put my life on this, we will loose everything. We are heading the way of monarchy with a greedy king... I actually am tearing up right now. To see the country that I have loved so much continue to shoot poison into its veins and push away everyone that loves it, but sometimes people have to hit dead bottom to realize that they are dead wrong.

I was on Yahoo! Finance reading the comments left about what was going on and I came across this one from Kent S and thought that I should share he writes:

How "WILD" is this ?? If you really want to help the American Public hold on to their houses?? Let's Try This. 1. Create a 700 Billion Dollar Credit line ...and GIVE IT A PORTION OF IF TO THE PEOPLE .."DIRECTLY" who got dumped out of their homes already. They followed the pied-pipers in the Disaster, trying to provide shelter for themselves and their families. Maybe a few dollars could get them back on their feet ? 2. Set up a relief fund for those who are about to get foreclosed on with the a portion of this 700 billion dollar bailout as well so they don't become future victims 3. Finally with the remaining balance set up a Legal Fund to sue the numerous individuals who created this irresponsible mess. But IF they are still employed in relation to the mortgage or housing industry.. FIRE THEM ! ... Why does this seem do-able? Well if the tax payers are going to pay for it.. at least let them get something for it. Maybe instead of bailing out these financial buffoons, they should have to feel and experience what they have done to the economy and our American Citizens.

FYI I did edit the grammar some of it was atrocious, but he's got my vote.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Unitentionaly Hilarious

So I surfing the web today and found this ad from Pioneer Electronics... Classic. No the ad has not been altered, I only blocked out personal info. Can you please explain to me how this got past that initial pitch meeting. Who pitched this slogan? I mean seriously!