Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Verdict: Innocent

I have decided to trust my rusty moral compass. Let the bodies fall where they may, I will leave them where they lay.

"L 'Via
Daughter Miranda
Your surname was changed

L 'Via
Without Eyes, I want to give
A story without my mother
I just want to tell you
The pain of night says
Only staying clothing
You wash the blood

L 'Via
Do not forget to relax
On the street you walk
Who you going to pursue

L 'Via
You want to kill
Machete teeth
Cabezas de gallo

L 'Via
Sleep in peace
Open your eyes
Everything will change

L 'Via

Dreamed of revenge
And I swear to you
We are going to pay
Blackmailed, she fell off every mountain
The ones they tightly wrapped in tape
In her eraser sang the guilty
As it made the best mistakes
And with every body that I find
And with every claymore that they mine
I will not forget who I'm looking for
Oh mother help me I'm looking for"

- The Mars Volta
L'Via L'Vasquez

You Silly Bitch

Guilty till proven Guilty

Today I told a friend the truth, and she cried. I felt bad and lied, and she smiled. Now I wonder if I should have left her to cry... Because the smile makes me feel worse. Knowing that in a matter of hour the cards will come tumbling, was worse than knowing she didn't know it was coming.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Music Discovery

As of late I have been in music discovery mode, I think I have added about 500+ new songs to my Library. I like this new mode I am finding myself in. In truth it is in part thanks to one of my new friends(?), William, he is strictly into old school rock, blues and jazz. It is weird that one of my most open minded periods comes via such a narrow person. So I will start off my recap of new music with a classic group... QUEEN. I got my hands on their whole discography and found out that I knew a few songs from them, mostly through adverts, and I actually like them. I have gotten a list together of my favorite songs by them, check it out.

(In No Particular Order)
I Want To Break Free
Another One Bites The Dust
Fat Bottom Girls
You're My Best Friend
Don't Stop Me Now
We Are The Champions
I Want It All
Who Wants To Live Forever

And then there are the two that I have fallen in love with, and will now and as far as I can see have on my absolute favorites list.

We Will Rock You - This simple beat feeds my soul!
Under Pressure - Genius, definitely a top 20 of all timer.