Saturday, August 23, 2008

Untitled Razzy Rant

I hate the JONAS BROTHERS. Ok I get it every generation needs their vaguely talented music acts that they then can idolize and wax poetic about into their last days while complaining that today's music is just not as good as when you where a kid. but serious why them, they sound like they are going through puberty on stage. Then they come with that whole virginal routine which is so tired. I will say that before they became uber popular their sound was funkier and I liked it. It had more soul as they are partly Latino. This new shit is pop garbage. I think I just don't like the Disney kids. Selena Gomez, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus/Hanna Montana, Corbin Bleu, Cheetah Girls they are all products and will have a expiration date, unless they eventually become good artist in their own right. There are exceptions to this like Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale has one song I like, even the brothers Jonas have that song Year 3003 that is on my iPod right not so. I just wish that adults did not care so much about these 12yr old celebrities.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another night.

So it is the middle of the night again and I am up so very up. It is 5am and I am so bored. I have resorted to watching home movies. Which is actually not so bad but it holds a peculiar feeling to wax reminiscent of this that has only passed like 8 months ago as I have only had my camera for about that long. I'm remembering things that I had so forgotten. I guess it's good to see things in full color video, well in my case most things are in black and white that I shoot. One day when I'm like 40 and me and my remaining friends will sit down and watch these videos and laugh. We could probably do that now. This one I'm watching now if from when I moved back home from school for the summer in April. It is this loooooong video recording a conversation I had with a bunch of my friends in the moving van I rented. It's like 30 min of random pointless conversation, but looking back at it it seems to be of more importance. Do you feel like that sometimes, looking back? That things are much more significance once time has passed. I wonder why it becomes easier be fond over things that aren't here anymore. Why does time erode our normal jaded sensibilities and makes all dough eyed over waves of light that represent the thing that me actually miss. I'm not sure which cliche goes best with this sensational phenomenon; "hindsight is 50/50", "time always makes the heart grow fonder", "you don't know what you've got til it's gone" (Thank you Joni Mitchel and later Janet Jackson and even later The Counting Crows featuring Vanessa Carlton). Either way they always seem to fit somewhere. Guess all those adages seem to make sense in, ehm... hindsight.