Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Guy

Is it wrong for me to love his eyes

To wish I was the dust that swirls through the air at the bat of his lashes

To want to be that bead of sweat the the sun spotlights as it unsteadily crawls down the back of his neck

I don't thin that anyone but me could look at him and see the poetry the way I do

I wonder what is hiding beneath that hat that always seems to be glued to  his dark brown raven's nest of hair

I sit as far from him as possible but as close as I can and in my mind I smell his skin and can see the every willow wisp of hair that breaks his perfectly tanned skin.

Did I mention that he smells like orange blossoms but taste sweet and bitter like a honey suckle spray

I wish I was those stings of denim holding close the his old scarred knee...

I wonder, and wonder and wish as he walks, he walks away from me

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Refer Madness (2005)

Ok so on the hierarchy of musicals I'm sure that Reefer Madness is waaay low on the totem pole. But for me it falls at Number 3. I mean it totally helps that it focuses on sex, drugs, liquor, sex, rock and roll, and sex... I love the music in this movie and actually is one of the few musicals I keep on my generic fruity digital music player. My favorite is "C'mon Jimmy/Reefer Love"

Ok I admit it that Jimmy is a little hottie so that totally is a plus. Ok so the next favorite is actually called "The Stuff" the woman who is singing is from SNL, she was also the mother on "Mean Girls". She is hilarious in this movie just like in everything. I don't know what her name is and although I could totally just type in mean girls into this search bar in the same browser I'm typing in... you know what's so bad is that as I typed that last sentence I glanced into the search bar and reefer madness is still there from my search earlier... You know now I'm just willfully not looking. Here's the clip...

Ok so I have one last clip for you. It's called "Listen to Jesus Jimmy"... yeah, I know. Just take a look.

All I have to say is I GOT A NEW GOD NOW!!!

The best video EVER!!!

I found this video on a blog I read, well view. It's called Prince Kai any ways this video is fucking hilarious!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok like any self respecting fag I LOVE MUSICALS, ugh! Show tunes!!! Anyways... wow can you just hear the lisp is that, so gay... eh oh well. So here is working list of Favorite MUSICALS!!!

Chicago (2002)
The Wiz (1978)

OMG... Nuff said. Seriously this movie is amazing. Everytime I watch it I razzle my dazzle off, ok that was bad but you know... lol. Below is my favorite scene it's the biggest number Cell Block Tango.

How spicy was that?! Ok now this movie is so very trampy vampy camp and deliciously murderous. And who doesn't love all of that?

Ok so next is a film that is almost forgotten. I guarantee that if it was done with white actors it would have a had a much longer staying power. The Wizard of Oz did, so why didn't The WIZ? It's awesome it's so funky flashy and fun. Now I admit that the movie version lacks much of the flare that the Broadway production has in Aces, but what can you do? Below is a clip that somebody put together of some of the highlights of The WIZ.

And for now this is where I leave it. I have lots of other favorites but for right now I need to determine proper order and secure clips so enjoy for now.