Thursday, December 11, 2008

I told the truth today...

Misty: hey
Jerome: hey
Misty: Why didn't you hang with Elayna today?
Jerome: I have work to do
Misty: You were isolated
ha ha
I asked her to talk to Ieuan for me...
Jerome: im still working just taking a break
oh ok
Misty: and she was telling him that I like him soooooooo much.
Jerome: to tell him what?
Misty: WTF
No just to see if he liked me
Jerome: oh, y didnt u ask?
Misty: cuz I didn't have the balls to get my feelings hurt
Jerome: lol, so howd it turn out
Misty: bad.
3:10amJerome: too bad
3:10amMisty: He doesn't like me
3:10amJerome: whatd he say
3:10amMisty: she says
3:10amJerome: oh ok
well, sorry
3:10amMisty: that it was a mistakes
yeah yeah
I should go lez
3:11amJerome: lol, i doubt u could
3:11amMisty: maybe not. But the only people to think I'm attractive are gay men and females
3:11amJerome:eh, what can u do?
Im single now too
so no worries
3:12amMisty: yeah but you okay with it
3:12amJerome: ...not really
I am not used to not having people hit on me
it's a new phenomenom



I'm kinna pissed but I expected this

well you seem to have good instincts so why dont u follow them?

cuz I'm not a cold person...yet

well thats good

Some just give up because they fail

I guess I'm not like that

thats good

which can be a strength or weakness

youre too young for my kind of cynascism

But I wanna be cold like you!!

it's not all it's cracked up to be

like when you say youre fst, but then elayna would kill to look like you

be grateul for what you have

my world is kinda lonely sometimes


But you don't seem to care!

That's the beauty

I do care...


trust me when I say this

Stay hopeul as long as you can, I gave up my emotions years ago and I am better in many ways, but I would die to understand the emotions that I used to have again

What? Pain and having your feelings hurt all the time?

No way


Emotions are a waste

emotions let you know youre alive


whats the point in living if you cant feel alive

You won't have to cry or feel that yucky feeling in your chest...

or that pain when you;re trying to hild back tears

I cry everyday

I stare at the ceiling and cry for no reason

I blast my music so loud, so I dont have to hear myself thing

So I dont have to wake up and realize that my life is just a broadway show with great musical numbers that no one understands

not true

trust me, I have never been more honest in my life

It hurts to be so honest

I mean physically, my head is pounding

I'm sorry..

THis happens whenever I try to understand or deal with what I cant understand

Dont feel sorry for me, but dont envy me either

I didn't mean to bring up something so deep

not youre fault I can always stop, or not start

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I was the one. Yes, I was the one... Keyword is was, yes I was the one...
I wish YOU would not fall in love with every man who shows interest in you, it's pathetic. I am so tired of mending wounds that I tried to prevent in the first place.

Who Knew (A Poem)

I think it's strange that I can still relive everything about you
That at a moments notice I can be whisped away to memories of days when you still held me
When I could have never believed that in a few years you would go away

Who knew that you would disappear
Who knew I would watch as you slowly drove away for the last time

Sometimes when I am alone, I still mourn
For us, for me, for you
For what we could have been
For who I could have been with you
For what you have become without me

It is during those times that what separates us seems trivial
But I always get lost in pursuit
Of the one that got away
The only one I will ever want to have stayed