Friday, April 25, 2008


Without provocation he ejaculated

Causing sporadic spasms

And separation began to transform

A screech from the howler monkey manually corrupted my reason

The baboon flung his shit

Without care

The elephant broke my spine

I will never forget

I caught a red herring from Lake Lachrymose


I would rather have

Been thrown to the leeches

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


One day the sun will not rise.

One day the sun will fall from the sky.

One day the crash will shatter in fire.

I don't want to think of days
The destruction it will bring.

I don't want to hear the death note
In the inevitable swan song she'll sing.

What will we orbit around then?
What will bind us together?

It's the waiting for kills me.

I don't know if we'll ever be ready.

To miss the day
The mornings warmth

The frigid eve
Will never halt

One day the sun will fall from the sky.

One day we'll fall out of orbit.

One day we'll be ready.

For the sunshine to go.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3/5/07 2:17am (Poem)

It’s hard for me to carry sleep

When these issues weigh like tons on my mind

What’s mine is mine

What’s yours is yours

What’s mine, for whatever reason is yours

It’s hard for me to care for what’s yours

When you never let me forget

What’s mine is yours

What yours is yours

What mine is nothing?

It’s hard for me to live with you

With a car dangling over my head

With your eyes over my shoulder

When I’m pummeled and powerless

When you scream grow up

When you cut off my balls

When you hold the clever remove my roots

When you dangle security like a carrot to a mule

And there’s nothing I can do

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Insanity with Hanity

& misery business with Colmbs

Ones living within a not so wonderful caricature of reality

Rest with a singular distopian assembly of majority


Glib, Seductive

Like 40 licks for a Tootsie

Koo Koo is the word

But grease is what is heard

Withheld truths monochromatically lie

Broken boy soldiers

Ravished mothers

Double faced lovers

Innocence innocuously disgraced

And yet you lie straight to their weathered face

A Declaration of Independence (Reprise)

I am tired of being denied

I am tired of not getting what I deserve

What is right fully mine

What I need

Restricted to my play pen

Never allowed to venture forward

Never allowed to find my place

I’ve been ready

But I’ve always had to wait for you

You better let go

You are not ready to let go

Stop grasping tighter

Like a hermit to its shell

I want to become who I want to be

I want my reflection to show who I am inside

I’ve got a right to be wrong

Let my mistakes strengthen me

You’re entitled to your opinion

But really it’s my decision

I will not let our blind my vision

In The Magnolias

When I posted the shots of the magnolias a couple of days ago, I remembered some pictures took about four years back when I was just starting to get into photography. My best friend Arianna (she's my model) and I where walking home from school on the day that the magnolia trees where in bloom, it was so beautiful. The pictures came out great, the angles are off a bit, but regardless they are pretty good to be shot on a $8 35mm camera. What do you think, LEAVE A COMMENT.

Her smile is so pretty.

Her skin looks amazing in this shot, if her eyes where to have been closed it would have given a very sensual tone to this frame, but I like it.
This last shot is absolutely gorgeous, I think Ari is so pretty and I have have taken so many pictures of her in all types of situations but this just gorgeous. She looks so soft so angelic, just lovely.