Wednesday, May 7, 2008

55 pt2

My heartbeat is racing, at the sense of you

How lucky I am to have you

Holding my hand

Just lucky because you’re my man

Your smile has got me all weak in the knees

From whatever it is you do

But I don’t want you to stop

You’re making me feel like I should

Giving me the best of your soul

Every time you walkout that door

I’m impatiently awaiting return

I will always want more

Your love inspires me

To be the grandest I can be

Don’t you see?

You are all I’ll ever need

That first night when we talked

I was floating on your every word

Bending over every “B”

Leaning on every “L”

Grasping to every “G”

Hoping you’d hurry and grasp on to me

You don’t know I’m under your spell

From what you can tell

My interest is elsewhere

But I’m telling you

I’m focused only on you

You had me at hello

You’re my angel

I love you

How do you do this to me?

What do you do to me?

How do you keep me on cloud nine all the time?

Baby whatever you need, I got you

Just keep on doing those things you do

And I promise you

You don’t even have to work

Just keep making me jerk

Just keep making me yearn for more minutes in a day

Let us stay this way

… Look at me, All lusty in love

Thanking anyone who sits above

I’m almost delirious

Just think about you

What would I ever do without you?

You are what matters in my life

To not have just wouldn’t be right

I would not loose you without a fight

I’m blushing aren’t I?

What can you expect?

You’ve got me lifted

You’ve got me twisted

Why are you so good to me?

What did I do?

What good deed let karma choose me?

Caring for me

Holding me

Reviving me


Satisfying me

You got me.

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