Saturday, May 3, 2008


One of these days my wicked ways will no longer pay.

But I will

Let's not pussy foot around this.. I'm a fucking bitch.

You love me.

You think I love you, because I want you to

But I don't and I never will

But no matter what I tell you you'll hear what you want

"I love you. Your the only one"

If you want to keep pulling strings, continue to love me

And I'll continue leaving this kiss of death on your door

I'll continue leaving your lips yearning for more

But one day you'll realize these are the lips of a whore

Friday, May 2, 2008

Red Dragons, Purple Pills

I roll around in the mud with the hope that I can cleanse my heart of the touch of the red dragons.

It burns but…

It’s cleaner than what I did

The tears from my skin

Cause my flesh

To blister

Puss seeps

While my dignity creeps


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

V85 Valium

Got a new car today

Filled the tank with valium

Took it for a ride

After the collision I walked home



In bed

Scratching at my chest

Before I blacked out from pan

I touched my heart

Woke in the hospital

Wrong as rain


Till they let me out

Took the bus



To buy a new car

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ypsilanti Paper Co. and stuff :)

These shots where taken on 4/03/08 at the Peninsular Paper Co. in Ypsi. I had set our to explore but I found that flip flops where not very comfortable foot wear for a mini hike, maybe i'll go back wearing some more appropriate shoes. ENJOY! LEAVE COMMENTS! WITHOUT YOUR COMMENTS I WILL DIE, AND THEN WHO WILL YOU TURN TOO FOR MY ARTY STUFFS? NOWHERE THAT'S WHERE! SO LEAVE COMMENTS :).


Ar’Zion Vontrell

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the lost of his soul?

It’s the price he chose to pay to live the life

But the life is based on the lie

And the lie is cracked and broken

And lie mirrors his heart

Cracked, broken, scarred …jaded

Is the mirror thought which he looks at himself

And the mirror spits out lies

And he eats it up

If you are what you eat

Then it makes sense

I understand

But is it worth it?

For your sake

I hope to god it’s worth it.

Untitled #4

4am and she calls me

With questions of life

Asking me

Cause she thinks my answers are right

What is that I want?

Like Mr. magic 8


I’m just as blind as you are

19 yrs ain’t enough to know whats right

The future in hypotheticals

The current in disillusioned carpe diem

The past just calcified stone to decorate the yard

Confused and dazed

Knowing with out knowing

She knows

Guided by a blind Seeing Eye dog

It’ll lead you to its tail

Question Cleo

Fire and lies

And what do you have…

A burnt tail.

Puma Party

Strutting into the room my pussy cums, with lust in her eye.

The ambient light allows my eyes and hands to surf her curves.

Coming to rest on the supple throbbing lily she hid beneath her lace.

At the moment of impact her eyes. Roll. Back. Arched. Brow. Shudder.

I taste honey...

With no more than my essence I control her and make her mind submit a request a remedy of release... no.

Her bloom begins to close around my fingers and she begs... hesitation, hesitation, hesitation.

Approved... she shudders with a violent wail crushing my digits.

She pauses and pulls away slowing regaining her balance.

Strutting out of the room my pussy goes with lust streaming down her thighs

Thanks Trick

Knock kneed, cross eyes and unconscious i crawl like play dough tossed around the room by a child in a tantrum.

The bell of the belt buckle bounces around my skull as that child walks steady out the room.

Bated breath and heroic heart my skin pulses at the spot of his touch.

My legs move on their own rubbing against one another hoping to feel the hair on your thigh scratch the supple skin on mine.

Your foot steps perform a dance of seduction as if they made move to return

But you do not.

The door slams.