Monday, January 12, 2009

Never Coming Home

Driving away she tries to
To figure out how
A passion so sweet
Could go so sour

They yelled they screamed
Fighting each other
As if more pain would solve their puzzle

With one hit she was gone
On the ground
She hit the road
In the cold dead of night
She sat there and died in the heat of their fight

The clock upon the table kept stealing every minute
She knew her time was trickling
Like the water in a shower

As she turned to walk
Unlock the door
And find her way
To something more
She kissed the man goodbye
And quickly pulled away
And turned a corner

Driving further on some more
She realized where she lost her soul
Thought about that messy space
Thought about how she lost this race
She new she wasn’t thinking straight
She new when he’d be waking late
He’d know that he lost this one summer

In his eyes she’s only a few inches away
But in her heart of hearts she knew she couldn’t stay
To many of his lies unraveled there today
So she told him to his face
All she had to say
‘Cause she knew she’d never be coming home