Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Recollection of Passion

I lay serene in the silk of rest, painting vision of perfection with my eyes closed and body still. I showed what I had created to Nocturne and dared it to find one of such a magnitude. Nocturne accepted my dare of perfection and delivered him in a brown paper parcel to my heart. Eagerly I stared at it thinking of what it would contain. Would it match of what I had described or would he like all the others fall in a burst of failed luster.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Fly On The Wall

I feel the fire in the air

The fury and the fight

I smell the demon on his tounge

It lubricates the item, for which he’s bought and paid

I feel the caution in the company of the other; it’s obvious in his touch

In the alcoholic haze his reasoning has been withered

But even in inebriation he remembers what she did.

He remembers the hurt he felt

He remembers how after 12 years he found out; he fell in love with a whore.

He revels in the memory of the whore’s fist pounding at the door

He’s aggrieved as he bethinks the splashing of his tears on the cold cherry wood floor

In this moment the hurt he feels can only be mend by the touch of a stranger

Or so he thinks

As he begins to use what he’s bought, he feels his eyes begin to water

He knows this isn’t revenge, he knows this isn’t right

He pulls put

500 dollars walks out

And there he is on the floor, feeling discarded and used

Realizing sanity has slipped his grasp

Thinking of how the whore lay snug, and smug in bed.

The sweat from his pores pours cold

Erasing dreams of the two growing old

He listens to the lies the walls speak

The passion the sheets sing

The promises his heart wrote with his lips in front of 97 witnesses

It seems irrelevant as he watches the fire rise up the walls

The smoke fills his lungs and the fire loosed his soul

The whore watches as her last chance goes up in smoke

Knowing redemption has slipped from her grasp

Thursday, May 15, 2008


It occurs to me as I cruise this website and raise this tumbler to my lips that this just isn’t right. Not “right” in the since that I should have gone left, not that this answer is incorrect but rather that this just isn’t right.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Nobody knows the pain they share

The nights of drunken fear

Has torn this family apart

She drinks to relieve the pain

he tries to make her laugh

she secludes to pandemonium

It’s her only place to go

If given a chance She would die

If given a chance he would too

If given a chance she would kill them

Why is their no answer to their screams of pain?

Must only their memory remains before something is done?

If they survive Her,

Like I hope they will

Let’s hope they can change the path of self destruction

That is out of Her control

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


5:00am make me anxious

The subtle subconscious anticipation

It’s overwhelming

To know that I have no idea where time will take me

Encourages courage

Impressions of dreams

Cut with worry

I’m not in control

Nothing changes


Monday, May 12, 2008

Blue Thursday

I think the sky can feel our sorrows

It seems to rain down harder

Adding a flood to the waters

I don’t know what to think

I was nearly done grieving

It all is happening at once

I’m lost one hundred miles from where I want to be

The stories they tell cause my ears to bleed

I have been drained empty

Too many changes

Not nearly enough chances

I just got here and the fires are burning

She’s fighting to leave but I won’t let her go

The rain I harder this time

Now it has stopped

It never stays away for long

The world never seems to stop

Never giving my pain a chance to ebb

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Loosing Game

Each drop of sweat seeping from my pores is loosening my grip

I am loosing control

In truth I am falling

I am falling back into the hole that I just climbed out of

I am falling back into the criminal abyss

The handle bar to which I grasp is rusted

My emotional void is fading to black

This bedroom is my asylum

I do not want to leave

I awake to sunrise begging for it to set

In truth I am ready, I am ready to let go