Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok like any self respecting fag I LOVE MUSICALS, ugh! Show tunes!!! Anyways... wow can you just hear the lisp is that, so gay... eh oh well. So here is working list of Favorite MUSICALS!!!

Chicago (2002)
The Wiz (1978)

OMG... Nuff said. Seriously this movie is amazing. Everytime I watch it I razzle my dazzle off, ok that was bad but you know... lol. Below is my favorite scene it's the biggest number Cell Block Tango.

How spicy was that?! Ok now this movie is so very trampy vampy camp and deliciously murderous. And who doesn't love all of that?

Ok so next is a film that is almost forgotten. I guarantee that if it was done with white actors it would have a had a much longer staying power. The Wizard of Oz did, so why didn't The WIZ? It's awesome it's so funky flashy and fun. Now I admit that the movie version lacks much of the flare that the Broadway production has in Aces, but what can you do? Below is a clip that somebody put together of some of the highlights of The WIZ.

And for now this is where I leave it. I have lots of other favorites but for right now I need to determine proper order and secure clips so enjoy for now.

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