Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Statement Pleading for Serenity

Pulling my hair from root

Trying to find the root

Of my behaviors

Attention grabbing in their splendor

Trying to get some recognition

Of my existence

Trying to get an explanation

As to why

Trying to get a moment

Of your time

Trying to explain to myself

Why no one cares that I exist

Birthday’s come without a call

But wait…

Wasn’t it only I who helped you from your fall

Tradition decimated

Only hope left

Hope that which each passing day

Sings “Happy trails to you, goodbye my friend”

Their optimism sickens me

My trails have never been happy

My trails never will be happy

This line of life stretches into infinity

Infinite wisdom

Infinite pain

If life’s a bitch

Infinity is the Queen Bee

Whose poison I ingest

Like a sweet nectar of life

Tearing me apart

A puzzle never to be finished

Because I’m missing a piece

Of you, which I need to succeed

Giving me the motivation

To stay on track

To straighten up and fly right

The drive to get me from point “A” to the finish line

Even though I whine

Trying to peel your eyes from the screen

There is no need to do me like a two dollar hoe

On my way out the door

I want to be recognized as

The man in your life

The love your world centers around

The part of your heart that is not jaded and cold

Love me…


I’m begging you…

Love me…

Pay attention to me…


Please love me…

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