Thursday, May 22, 2008

An Act of Desperation (Reprise)

I’m stranded out here

My home is nowhere near

It never does rain when you ask it to

I wish I didn’t have to call you

But you’re the only one I have to turn to

My sister told me you got your self a job

My mother said you’ve got a new house

I understand you have somebody

Keeping your company

I guess your doing good for yourself

When it was all over

When the silence fell

I realized how badly my plans had failed

It never does rain when you ask it to

I thought I was better than you

But you sure showed me

Little Tony told me to say “hi” to you

There’s nothing I can say

That can change the way

I hurt you

The only truths

Where lies in whisper

It tore me apart

It never did rain when I asked it to

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