Monday, May 19, 2008

A Statement of Finding Oneself

At some point in life we as maturing humans decide who we want to be, the image we want to portray. At age 1 I decided I wanted to be anything but ordinary and since then it has been an up hill battle within my self to figure out what that meant to me and also how to display that on my person. Now at 17 I am finally beginning to see that person immerge. The immergence of this person is simply no more than inexplicable sudden loses of inhibitions during which I change something physical about myself. As of now I have changed my hair, got new clothes, taught myself a new way to talk and found a new way to think. This new person is fundamentally different from who I was in yester year. He is actually really cool. He is confident and secure with himself; he knows what he wants and is ambitious enough to go for it no matter what the cost. For right now I am content within this stage of my transformation, but you never know if tomorrow it that may change.

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