Sunday, July 13, 2008

Adele - 19 (2008)

Those of you who know me know that right now Adele is the truth. She hails form London, UK as she likes to say. I found her on VH1's you oughta know series about five months ago and every since I have not stopped listening. Her voice is so pure it's frightening. She is one of the only acts that I have seen in many years that sounds better live than recorded (save Natasha Beddingfield). I should also add that all of her recorded tracks are recorded in one pass. She does not have backing tracks or studio aided vocals, so what you get is what is real and what you can expect if your shelling out 30 bucks for a ticket to a live performance. I should also add that she writes all her own stuff and plays the guitar among with other instruments that accompany her vocal talents.Adele's debut album 19 is genius. I had originally downloaded the album through limewire with the intention on buying it if the album was as good as the lead single "Chasing Pavements", which is phenomenal, this song even pour from the dreary 4th rate speakers that are built into my television. It has very little by way of instrumentation but as you may have inferred by now Adele's voice needs no help to make a great song. As far as the rest of the album let's just say that out of the 17 tracks on the 2 disc special edition 14 are rated at 4 or more stars in my iTunes library and have a combined total of 987 plays, 240 of which are just "Chasing Pavements" making it easily my number one played and highest rated song since I have started keeping track in 2005 and probably second all time next to Garbage's "The World is not Enough". Which I listened to on repeat for 9 days straight back in my Junior year in high school.

The most stand out tracks on the album are (in order) "Chasing Pavements", "Right as Rain", "Melt my Heart to Stone", "My Same" and "Best for Last". I purposefully neglected to add "Cold Shoulder" to this list because though I love it I dont know if it has staying power just yet, but we shall see.

Chasing Pavements

Right as Rain

I sincerely encourage you to visit YouTube and check out some her live performances and also you can hear her whole album on various videos. I have included a link to a few of my favorties please take a moment, listen, and discover the future of music... Adele Adkins

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