Monday, December 28, 2009

Finding a home at the end of the world.

I have been home just over a week and things have been varied in was to my excitement and detriment. I have been bored beyond belief, basically living day to day between events. I have been enlightened to things within myself that I was only slightly aware of, several open and honest conversations have led to a calmer sense of self and for now I feel more calmer and more serene than I have in years. Now I am experiencing a severe case of anticipation, the new semester is so close I can smell the boredom and stale classrooms to come and yet nine days until its commencement I feel as if an eternity has slipped itself between the then and the now. Even the next set of events though only two days away seem closer to a fortnight in distance instead of forty-eight hours. That is how it seems and not the actuality of the situation but I can't help but feel it. Tonight at this 5:30 am intersection I feel more alone than I ever have before, but it's ok. Things are ok. I'm ok. Everything will be ok.

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