Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So right now I am off of school for the summer... clearly as I am finally updating my thought forgotten blog, lol. Well, summer is the time for lazing about and as I am not prone to enjoy extended terms of doing so, as usual I am falling into a funk. And I don't mean Parlament Funkadelic type of funk... but rather the type that makes me get all depressed. SO what I need to do is find a way to re-purpose myself.
As it stands I have no job, classes or plans. I have been trying to catch up on some books but so far the books I've chosen have been less page turner and more turn over and go to sleep. I'm gonna take a trip to my local library and talk to a librarian about some interesting books for me to read. But what I really want to do is photograph stuff but I am not sure what. I mean nature is all around as I live in Ypsi/A2 but I don't know where... Clearly I need to do some investigations into where I can find a lake, or stroll through the woods somewhere. Now that I write that i realize one fatal flaw in that plan. I HATE THE OUT DOORS!!! Shit! Now what am I to do with my creative energies?
Maybe I should start doing my people portraiture again. That's not actually a bad idea. I think That just having somethings to edit and organize would be good for me plus I am sure I am a bit rusty in terms of my lighting and picture taking techniques. Writing this I am sitting outside my new apartment that I share with one of my new best friends, and I am looking around at how pretty everything is. I am sure that a combination of the the warm mellow ambient lighting and the simple fact that I've now got my wheels turning means that something good should be spilling out of my head very soon.
I feel much better now after talking to you. Thanks for you willing ear.

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