Sunday, March 1, 2009

200 Words of Opposition

You where my eyes fixed point center of gravity orbiting and swirling down the vacuous drain to places he would drag you away from me slowly running away walking backwards tripping forwards and steady farther away closer but never closer closure nuance and ineptitude narrowly negotiation newly sour section of dowry and damnations defending the circular serendipitous nature sensibly guided forward steadily backward rag dolls toads and frogs rabbits and hares heads or tail without chance change challenge or chapters fade mixed marital law logs loved layered and lowered one here two now three here four gone here sad gone long mourning this morning eve of evening dining with dingy dives cannons and capitols of coercion ending all stock and dystopian utopian pairs of solidarity and despair dispelling procreations problem creations motivations mulling nations moving more over the delicate suspensions suspend supposedly in memoriam never minding the offending natural movements of the shadowy figures moving forward the peaces disturbing the pieces in places their arms dare only reach randomly to destroy decimate and decapitate the fluid stagnancy unaltered aborted as times where before the hiccup stickup power play nay say now and never ever forever and always today’s forgotten lore.

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