Sunday, April 20, 2008

In The Magnolias

When I posted the shots of the magnolias a couple of days ago, I remembered some pictures took about four years back when I was just starting to get into photography. My best friend Arianna (she's my model) and I where walking home from school on the day that the magnolia trees where in bloom, it was so beautiful. The pictures came out great, the angles are off a bit, but regardless they are pretty good to be shot on a $8 35mm camera. What do you think, LEAVE A COMMENT.

Her smile is so pretty.

Her skin looks amazing in this shot, if her eyes where to have been closed it would have given a very sensual tone to this frame, but I like it.
This last shot is absolutely gorgeous, I think Ari is so pretty and I have have taken so many pictures of her in all types of situations but this just gorgeous. She looks so soft so angelic, just lovely.

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