Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am so dissapointed

That is the most butt ugly device I have ever been privy to in my 21yrs of life upon this moist planet. Please tell me some scorn ex-employee decided to get their revenge by allowing this to get out... please let that be the case. That thing looks like a turd the Game Gear shat out. And it is the size of a credit card? Why would I want to do anything on that, you do realize that the iPod Classic is much bigger than a credit card... PSP killer by buttocks! If this is what Sega is cooking up I hope that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton, Bill Gates AND Steve Jobs (the all iPods play games better than this would) are having a mighty big laugh while watching SEGA burn themselves to the ground, this is ridiculous.

Ok and while I am on this Razzy Rant, why doesn't Apple just by SEGA? They could make the DS/PSP killer and we all could live happily ever after!

One more thing... Why has Microsoft not come out with a portable yet? For that matter why has Sony refused to allow the PSP to be used as a controller for the PS3? If they did I would walk out of my house right now and plop down the egregious amount of money Sony wants for their sad attempt at innovation. PS3=We want you to buy BluRay... please. Kill me!

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