Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Story (short story/poem)

A Declaration of Freedom

The sun looked right through me as I cleansed my soul in its waves. One rotation ago that would’ve bothered me but on this day I had listened to sister destiny as she gave me everything I will need for the rest of my life. That satchel lay next to my body on the curve of my spine. I could feel the warm brown and cool leather on my hot sweaty back. Stepping forward never arching back or thought other than first I blazed a trail toward where my life will begin. I pass Sai Chi on her way to the market. The dread in her smiles and the joys in her frowns always seem to bring a different perspective into the new days passing. How a simple gesture of self expression could so dramatically change my point of view is beyond the comprehension of my mind so I never thought to think about it.

The cements rough and cold being bothered the soft and gentle souls of my feet as they carry this new life and its lack of skeletons in it’s now demolished closet. Onward further. Severed ties perpetually to bleed. Burned bridges to burn forever more. My dear Lenore, crying all alone wondering why I dared to knock her off her throne with my leaving it all behind. Blaming herself, she thinks that she was never anything enough for me at anytime. But within her mind she could never understand how moving on can change one’s entire feelings on the world. I don’t entirely know what that change is but I know it must be better than becoming stationary to be used for a thought that will last no more than a second and then be discarded like a child’s play toy after they have become “too big”. I truly must not allow these petty thoughts to cloud my mind I don’t have any shelter to shield me from the storm.

I’ve been walking for days and the sun has not yet set but yet becomes higher in the sea above me. I allow the wind to carefully place each hair on my head in its designated spot even though I know it will change its mind and do it all over again.

My skin has browned over this fort night and my once pale mannequin like skin is now a bustling metropolis of death… not death in its traditional sense as an end to all things living but to all killing and making an end to a beginning with so much promise.

Steadily stronger my muscles become as I trek forward still. Each new ripple telling of years gone by.

Night has finally to make itself noticed as I have lost all of those who chose to come with me. I guess this new found freedom and removal of our chords and antenna was too much for a frail mind. Still I remain firm in my belief that for the movement one must actually move. To be quite honest the thought to forsake hath only crossed thine mind once I do admit. Though I promised myself to never divulge… I met a woman while jumping off the paved streets she stood strong, graceful and beautiful in her splendid ignorance. How seductive is the tree unless, you know what you could have instead said the wise man.

One thing I must say is that I am neither apolo, impa nor sympathetic to those who have been affected by this. No I do not regret what I have done; I am no longer a creature of regret of remorse.

You do not know this but I passed my initial destination months ago, but when I arrived there I saw the seedlings of what I thought where trouble and kept on moving on. I figured if trouble was planted then I shall remain planted to the road instead of being a rose in a garden of dandelions. The ground would not let me go either it held me planted like a forest of thousand year old trees. For the past month’s I have been on an endless search to find what I do not know I need until I actually see it’s need expressed to me.

I can look to my left and when the sun is just right I can see where I left so long ago. Though I can only vaguely remember what that world was like there is still a longing of the eye to be recharged. As it stands that world is no more than a lick from flames tongue… now I rest.

I lay on my back… my satchel to my side… the stars in my eyes… the wind Sasoon-ing my hair… the sounds of The Symphony of the Night caress my ears into a turbulent solace. The weight of my choices or lack there of, blankets my mind like the grass on the plain… my breath dances in the air… I sigh and

Allow myself

To slowly fall

Away into the depths

Of lake serenity.

I awaken sluggishly with the dawn as the sun slips its note underneath my lids and I can hide beneath them no longer. Within the subtle security of the today I feel the present presence of an exquisite choice, a chance to allow another to carry on my legacy that I have cradled these many years. With so many new rings acquired it won’t be too much longer before I am forced off this road. I have found another… well he found me, with the same spark I have. I know that he will be my true successor. Once my reign comes to a balanced and natural end he will move for the movement. I will not stay here and wait for that as I stated stationary is meant to be on a desk. Looking around after my rest the earth somehow seems to have rested as well. All of the leafy green stuffs are now perky and awake. The rocks have a glisten to them as if they are fresh cooled magma. But the shores of lake serenity seem colder and less wielding than the day prior. I would guess it is in apprehension of my leaving. Hmmm… for a while there I forgot about having an ego guess that never dissipated.

I have been on this journey for so long that I have lost my concept of time. It just dawned on me that I don’t know what day it is. I don’t know what season, I don’t know what month and I am happy for that fact. This is truly a new found freedom that most others will never get to enjoy and I pity them. My mind is not bombarded with useless trivial information and words of pointless perfection. This young fellow is now ready to take the wheel as I lay on the ground enjoying my last breath. I do think that I am the first person in the history of existence to cease to exist with a smile on their face. I have no one to say goodbye to. Even if I did I am far to busy introducing my apprentice to the world.

The End


The Beginning

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